Why do I want to improve the Slime?

Thank you for Sylph Arcade, this guy send me the following picture, the right two slimes are the improved version, many people love the middle one and I love it too, so I decide to use the middle one as a prototype, to improve my own Slime.


The improved version of my Slime

Please look at the following picture, the right one is the original version, and the left one is my improved version, it has less colors and more complex lighting:

Slime 1.1 vs Slime 1.0

—modify a bit pixels at 2019.3.18—


The next step

In the next step, I will draw a series of Animations based on the Slime’s new version, the following is the Animation list:

Number Animation Done
01 Idle yes
02 Run
03 Jump
04 DoubleJump
05 Fall
06 Attack
07 Injured
08 Climb
09 Sprint
10 Dying
11 LookUp
12 LookDown

(the end)

Last modified: March 18, 2019



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