Where am I come from?

I’m a Chinese guy and was born in 1988, and live in Yiwu, Zhejiang now. I have a cute daughter, she is three years old, she is my angel 🙂 My wife loves me very much and I love her too, she does many for the family, so I can work on my game full time.

What am I currently doing?

I’m working on my first game called SlimePrincess full time, it’s a pixel style roguelike dungeon adventure game.

Why do I build this website?

I want to record some stuffs of my game development and pixel art, share to everyone who is inerested with game development and pixel art.

My working experience

(2011/2 – 2014/2) Working at Han’s Laser

This is my first job, I did many projects during the three years, the following is the project list:

Project Name Development Environment Description
HMServo Visual Studio 2005, C/C++ a software which can control the motor servo
Material Docs Query System IIS 6.0, ACCESS DB, ASP/VBScript company internal document query system
HMLaserMark Visual Studio 2005, C/C++ a software which can control the laser marking
SignalTest Visual Studio 2005, C/C++ a software can quickly test the PCB board quality
HansVisionSystem Visual Studio 2010, Halcon 11.0, C# a software can detect IPhone Screen defects
LED AOI Vision Model Visual Studio 2010, Halcon 11.0, Mil 9.0, C/C++ a software can detect PSS LED Wafer defects

(2014/2 – 2015/2) Working at Yiwugo

This is my second job, I’m working on the search engine development, it’s a product search engine like Amazon or Ebay.

Project Name Development Environment Description
yiwugo search engine Eclipse, Java/Solr a product search engine

(2015/2 – 2018/6) Working on my own business

I did a small business as a businessman on Aliexpress, I have two stores(offer Jewelry/Jewelry Accessories/DIY Jewelry) at Aliexpress, now I’m working on game dev full time, my wife manage the two stores 🙂

(2018/6 – now) Working on my first game full time

After three years’ business time, I found I still love programming, love game, love all things about code, so I decide to back to my original industry, do some stuffs as a programmer. yes, I found what’s the stuff I want to do, I can make a game by myself 😉
When I was a child, I love many games made by Nintendo, like Mario and Zelda, I bought a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game at 2018.6, when I saw the starting music and the Hyrule world, I almost cry T_T
so I want to make a good game, and I hope many people love my game 🙂

My Skills

  1. proficient in C/C++ programming language, familiar with object-oriented design methods;
  2. in-depth understanding of MFC’s Doc/View model, skilled use of MFC various controls, can use MFC to write software interface, skilled use of GDI for drawing development;
  3. the Windows platform software development experience, proficient in Win32 SDK program design, proficient in writing dynamic link libraries and multi-threaded programs;
  4. proficient in database programming, skilled use of Mysql;
  5. familiar with assembly language, can use assembly to develop various algorithms;
  6. familiar with C# language, can be proficient in using C# for interface development and algorithm design (proficient in DotNetBar UI library development);
  7. my english is ok, able to read a variety of English technical documents;

Some programming books I have read

Book Name Author
《The C Programming Language》 K&R
《C Traps and Pitfalls》 Andrew Koenig
《Expert C Programming》 Peter Van Der Linden
《Pointers on C》 Kenneth A. Reek
《C++ Primer》 Stanley B. Lippman
《Essential C++》 Stanley B. Lippman
《Effective C++》 Scott Meyers
《The C++ Programming Language》 Bjarne Stroustrup
《Thinking in C++》 Bruce Eckel
《Programming Windows》 Charles Petzold
《Programming Microsoft Visual C++》 David J. Kruglinski
《Windows via C/C++》 Jeffrey Richter
《MFC Windows程序设计》 Jeff Prosise
《Beginning Visual C# Programming》 Karli Watson
《Professional C# and .Net 4.5》 Christian Nagel
《Visual C# Step by Step》 John Sharp
《Assembly Language》 王爽
《80X86汇编语言程序设计》 杨季文
《C程序设计》 谭浩强
《C语言深度解剖》 陈正冲
《Visual C#游戏编程开发》 陈锐
《高质量C++/C编程指南》 林锐
《深度探索C++对象模型》 侯捷
《Win32多线程程序设计》 侯捷
《深入浅出MFC》 侯捷
《编写高质量代码:改善C#程序的157个建议》 陆敏技

My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf

In the future

I found that I have a strong desire to explore everything, but now my best favorite stuff is game development, I think I will use my all time to explore in this field in the future.

Last modified: June 9, 2019